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Open for Business: Tensure Partners With Google to Better Serve Clients

When thinking about partners for your business, it’s always good to think “a mile deep” and not “a mile wide.” Rather than partnering with anyone who’ll take you, the better strategy is to create long-lasting relationships with a partner that can support, improve and ultimately, help you grow.

That’s what we’ve done with Google. And now we are able to pass those benefits on to you.

As a committed Google Cloud partner, we’re working on receiving more specializations and expertise focuses. We partner with Google on just about everything from daily meetings to events all while lifting each other up.

Once we’ve established a partner, we ask ourselves how we can best help/serve them. We have an integrity-first mindset and believe that partnerships can’t be built without it.

What’s important to us?

  • Transparency – openness and honesty build trust
  • Agility – ability to adapt and overcome obstacles
  • Communication – setting expectations and accountability
  • Success – working together as one team to achieve the goal
  • Creating Freedom – So you can be yourself at work and pursue your goals

We’re transparent in everything we do, we explain to clients exactly what they’ll get so that they can trust us to do the hard work. And we’re not afraid to make the hard decisions to live up to our values of truth and integrity.

Google Cloud partnership

In May 2022, Tensure was named a Google Cloud Premier Partner. Google’s Partnership Program recognizes businesses that go above and beyond for their clients and are experts in leveraging Google’s products and services effectively. In a company-wide effort to meet Google’s rigorous standards, we are now among the top 3% of Google Partners in North America (which makes us 1 out of 100 🥳).

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Tensure brings your big ideas to life. We help you leverage the power of Google Cloud to build and manage cloud-native business applications.

In order to gain this premier status, we earned a specialization in Application Development. Our industry expertise is in (but not limited to) Business & Professional Services, Cloud Natives, and Retail & Wholesale. Our product expertise is in Google Cloud Compute, Google Cloud Databases, and Amazon. We’ve had the pleasure of working on many successful projects with Mailchimp (an Email Marketing company) since the dawn of Tensure. Recently, they acquired two companies—Chatitive (a Software company) and Sawa (an Automated Design Platform).

Migration – AWS to Google Cloud

After acquiring Chatitive, Mailchimp began to assess the current existing platform and how it would mesh with their overall ecosystem. They decided the best course of action was to migrate the existing solution to Google Cloud. They understood a successful cloud migration could easily take over 12 months. This would add a lot to the plates of their engineering team who were maintaining a rapid pace to meet the future product roadmap goals while supporting customer needs and improving their experience.

Our team partnered with Mailchimp to migrate the existing solution from AWS and modernize it to a container-based architecture. We were able to reduce our migration time by utilizing managed services such as Cloud SQL, Cloud MemoryStore, and Cloud Storage. We also containerized all the existing compute-based resources and moved them to a GKE cluster.

This led to a reduced operational burden of supporting the application. By utilizing GKE, manual workarounds were reduced, and the speed of software delivery increased tenfold. With improved rigor in infrastructure automation, our DevOps practices created a smoother deployment process allowing the Mailchimp team to prioritize the delivery of new features.

Optimizing your apps for cloud migration

The acquisition of Sawa provided Mailchimp with new capabilities around marketing campaign automation. As the demand for Mailchimp’s Creative Assistant tool grew, so did the cost and support of the environment within Google Cloud. They began exploring how to better optimize the environment for increased usage.

Our team partnered with Mailchimp to understand the optimal resources to run the specific workloads. We migrated solutions from Compute Engine to AppEngine which allowed the solution to easily scale and meet the increase in user demand at a better price. The additional migration of workloads to managed solutions such as Spanner, Cloud Run, and Cloud functions allowed for a consumption-based model.

By rightsizing both in terms of size and product, Mailchimp was able to see a 60% increase in application performance and a sizable reduction in cloud spend.

Your happiness fuels us

Your happiness is important to us. Tensure was built on the foundation of happiness, and also freedom, transparency, and integrity. We’re a team of great people, who strive to do great work with other great companies.

We’re committed to you. That’s why we’ve worked hard to become a Google Cloud Premier Partner. It was a company-wide effort to achieve our specializations and expertise, and a tenacious effort at that.

A happy client = a happy life (or something like that). Joe Uhl, Chief Architect and VP of Engineering at Mailchimp said, “Tensure is focused on our goals and has adopted our tools and processes to help us deliver improvements to our customers. Their knowledge of our environment combined with their Google Cloud experience made them a great partner on multiple projects.”

Ready for a change?

Tensure was born in the cloud, lives in the cloud, and works in the cloud.

Are you considering a change in cloud vendors? Interested in Hybrid Cloud or Multi-Cloud? Or maybe considering moving significant operations to the Cloud for the first time?

No matter your Cloud needs, Tensure partners with you to evaluate your current infrastructure and determine the costs and benefits of different Cloud strategies.

We’ve helped our clients modernize their applications, navigate mergers & acquisitions, and integrate new technologies with legacy infrastructure.

When it’s time to migrate, Tensure’s battle-tested approach saves you the cost and hassle of doing it yourself. Let us do the hard work so you and your team can get back to what you do best.

Do what makes you great.
We’ll handle the rest.

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