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Data Governance: Maximum value from trustworthy and secure data

Data Governance:

Maximum value from trustworthy and secure data

Everyone loves data. Except for the insecure, inaccurate, or noncompliant kind. Organizations that invest in data governance unlock trustworthy (or useful) data, and good data governance practices lead to better regulatory compliance.

Create a data story built on trust

At Tensure, we understand that an effective data governance framework is about establishing trustworthy, reliable data to power your business.

Open-handed expertise
in data governance

Tensure uses industry best practices to help you establish a governance framework that aligns with your business objectives and regulatory requirements. Our data governance team assesses your data landscape, identifies gaps and opportunities, and then develops and executes a plan for implementing data governance practices customized to your needs. We work closely with your stakeholders to define data policies, standards, and processes that support data quality, security, and compliance.

Data Governance Capabilities

Data Security

Our data security services help protect your data from unauthorized access, changes, and use. Our security controls include data encryption, access management, and monitoring to safeguard your data assets in compliance with industry regulations.

Data Quality

We customize our data quality processes to your business, helping you track the data quality measures you care about: consistency, timeliness, validity, uniqueness, and accuracy. Together, we define and implement the measurements that will allow you to establish the trustworthiness of your data for your data users.

Data Lineage

Our data lineage services enable you to track the journey of your data from its origin to its destination, providing a record of the transformations and enrichment applied to the data along the way. Data lineage is an important part of regulatory compliance and can also help in resolving data quality issues.

Drive success with (good) data

Data Modernization

Our data modernization services work with governance to support security, privacy, and quality throughout the data lifecycle. We establish data governance policies and procedures that align with your modernization goals, ensuring protected and compliant data as it moves through new pipelines and transformations.

Storage & Management

We help you design and implement data storage architectures that adhere to your governance policies and standards so your data is stored securely. Our team uses data management tools like data catalogs and metadata management so you can record data lineage, track data usage, and enforce governance rules across your data landscape.

Analytics & BI

Our data governance services highlight the quality of your data, support authorized use and accessibility, and provide a reliable foundation for your analytics initiatives. By adding governance policies to the data your analytics & BI use, we empower you to make decisions on trustworthy, high-quality, secure data.

certified experience to successfully deliver Google Cloud solutions to our customers.

Google Cloud Premier Partnership

As a premier Google Cloud Partner, Tensure harnesses the cutting-edge technologies of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to build your data governance system. Our team uses GCP's data governance services, such as Cloud Data Catalog, Cloud DLP, and Cloud IAM, to establish your governance framework.

Outside perspective.
Inside knowledge.

Our data governance team is ready to help you achieve data-driven success while prioritizing data integrity, security, and compliance.