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Cloud Enablement: A Streamlined Digital Environment

Cloud Enablement:

A streamlined digital environment

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, organizations must embrace the power of cloud computing to stay competitive and agile. At Tensure, our cloud enablement services help you modernize your IT infrastructure, automate operations, and drive innovation across your organization.

Open-handed expertise across leading cloud platforms

Tensure has seen its fair share of the leading cloud platforms, including Google Cloud (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we have a proven track record of successfully designing, implementing, and optimizing cloud solutions tailored to your unique requirements - because we believe that progress is made by pulling together.

Tailored cloud enablement support
Streamline developer workflows with Backstage

Tensure leverages Backstage, an open-source platform developed by Spotify, to streamline your developer workflows and enhance collaboration. With Backstage, we create a centralized hub for your developers to discover, create, and manage software components, documentation, and resources.

Software catalog

We organize and catalog your services, APIs, and software components, making them accessible and understandable for your developers. Our team ensures your software catalog is up-to-date and provides a single source of truth for your software ecosystem.

Plugin architecture

We integrate Backstage's functionality with your existing tools and systems, such as CI/CD pipelines, issue trackers, and monitoring support, allowing your developers to access information and tools from a single platform.

Automation templates

We create reusable templates for common development tasks, such as setting up new services, deploying applications, and managing infrastructure. These templates standardize processes so your developers can focus on writing code.

API deployment & lifecycle management

Our team facilitates the deployment of APIs across various environments, including on-premises, cloud, multi cloud, and hybrid deployments. We help you manage the entire API lifecycle, from development and testing to deployment and retirement, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

API monitoring & analytics

We provide monitoring and analytical capabilities to track API performance and usage patterns, and identify issues in real-time. This helps you gain visibility into how your APIs are being used, identify potential bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your API strategy.

API Gateway & management platforms

We have expertise in leading API gateway and management platforms, including Apigee and Amazon API Gateway. We can help you choose the right platform based on your specific requirements and integrate it seamlessly into your ecosystem.

Tailored cloud enablement support
API management

Tensure offers comprehensive API management services to help you design, secure, deploy, monitor, and scale your APIs with ease. Our experts leverage industry-leading practices and tools to enable seamless integration, automation, and efficient management of your cloud resources.

certified experience to successfully deliver Google Cloud solutions to our customers.

Google Cloud Premier Partnership

Our deep expertise in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and close collaboration with Google Cloud enable us to leverage the latest technologies, best practices, and insights to drive your success. By utilizing GCP services like Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Cloud Functions, and Cloud Run, our partnership with Google Cloud allows you to innovate faster, scale seamlessly, and achieve your business objectives.

The next step to your best cloud

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