Case study

Database migration

Database migration during a startup acquisition

A full migration from AWS to GCP with zero customer downtime.

Working with the team at Mailchimp, Tensure provided both thought leadership as well as engineering capabilities for migrating and modernizing workloads after an acquisition.

Mailchimp needed engineering support, but also thought leadership

After acquiring Chatitive, a complementary product, Mailchimp needed to assess the existing platform, integrate it into their cloud environment, prepare for a drastic increase in users, and speed up the pace of development – all while supporting existing customers and shifting demand.

A full migration from AWS to GCP with zero customer downtime.

True partnership, every step of the way

After a discovery phase, Tensure partnered with Mailchimp engineers to migrate the acquired company’s product (Chatitive) from AWS to Google, leveraging managed services like Cloud SQL, Cloud MemoryStore, and Cloud Storage to speed up the process.

Then, our team containerized all compute-based resources on a GKE Cluster.

A complete solution, a successful migration

The Tensure team completed the migration and reduced the operational burden of supporting the application.

Utilizing GKE, manual workarounds were reduced, and the speed of software delivery increased rapidly. Improved rigor in infrastructure automation and modern DevOps practices allowed for smoother deployment processes. These changes allowed the team to prioritize the delivery of new features.


  • Seamless migration from AWS to GCP
  • 100% automated deployments for entire codebase, including infrastructure
  • Increased application performance by optimizing compute consumption
  • Zero customer downtime during migration

"Tensure is focused on our goals and has adopted our tools and processes to help us deliver improvements to our customers. Their knowledge of our environment, combined with their Google Cloud experience makes them a great partner for us."

- Joe Uhl, Chief Architect, & VP of Engineering

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