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Data pipeline & dashboarding

Toyota Engineering & Manufacturing

Toyota saved $150k monthly with a new Data Pipeline & Dashboarding Solution

Data Pipeline Optimization for Best-in-Class Dashboard Analytics


Increased Efficiency for a Leading Automotive Manufacturer

Toyota needed to see their parts shipping trailer efficiency each day to drive cost savings within their network. The team was stuck using “worst case scenario” optimization across their entire network, so they needed a unified Data Pipeline to deliver insights to leadership without the usual latency, errors, and gaps.


Unprecedented Real-Time Visibility

By optimizing the Data Pipeline, Toyota was able to achieve daily data acquisition from 15 facilities with multiple data formats (excel, csv, sql, and oracle). In addition, they now have data automated validation and reporting for missing or incorrect data without the need for manual checks.

Instead of chasing their data across multiple unreliable reports, Toyota’s leadership now has a single pane of glass via an executive-level dashboard with deep-dive capability for individual data sets.


Faster Reports, Better Visibility, Increased Efficiency

With an Optimized Data Pipeline and custom built dashboards, Toyota experienced several benefits:

  • Reports that used to run weekly now run daily for increased visibility
  • No more “worst case scenario” optimization
  • A single executive-level dashboard with drill-down capabilities
  • A 13% increase in efficiency
  • $150k in monthly savings

"Tensure’s engineers have an incredible work ethic. They have seamlessly integrated into our teams, quickly adapting to our culture. They are dedicated to solving the problem for your customers and they simply don’t give up until they find the best solution."

- Michelle Le, Director of Technical Program Management

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