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Cloud resource optimization

Mailchimp Creative Assistant

60% increase in application performance

Tensure helped Mailchimp scale a new product to millions of users without breaking the bank


An influx of users creates unique problems

In 2018, Mailchimp’s acquired Sawa, an automated graphic design tool. This acquisition meant new capabilities for Mailchimp’s millions of active users, who could now access this a new “Creative Assistant” tool.

However, as users of Creative Assistant skyrocketed, so did the cost and management overhead of the Google Cloud resources it used.


Cloud resource optimization at scale

Tensure partnered with Mailchimp’s engineering team to understand the optimal resources necessary to run specific workloads. Then, we migrated the product from Compute Engine to AppEngine so it could scale to meet the increase in user demand at a better price. Additional migration of workloads to managed solutions such as Spanner, Cloud Run, and Cloud functions allowed for a consumption-based model that far outperformed the previous fixed-cost infrastructure.


Superior scale at a better price

With a new Cloud Cost Management strategy and infrastructure, Mailchimp experiences several benefits:

  • 60% increase in application performance
  • 40% reduction in monthly consumption rate
  • 100% Automated deployment pipelines

"I often find myself choosing between partners that are great at the work (but lack leadership & creativity) and agencies who are proactive & inventive but don’t enjoy getting into the nitty gritty. Tensure is the best agency I’ve ever worked with, period. They flex between innovating, coaching, and doing the work, and they do it seamlessly based on my team’s needs."

- Francis Tao, Group Product Manager

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